Ossenberg-Engels GmbH is a family-run company now in its fifth generation of management. Since 1925, we have been producing premium bent wire parts and metal goods for all kinds of requirements in all kinds of industries. Whatever our customers need, and whatever challenges they face, we are happy to help.


We work with modern, high-performance 3D design software that allows us to present tailored solutions quickly. Our production machines with transfer systems combine a variety of manufacturing processes that can be combined in any way. Using processes like bending, embossing, stamping or upsetting, we can create even the most complex parts for our customers.

Expertise and commitment

Being among the market leaders takes much more than just sophisticated technology. Our decades of experience in forming makes us a skilled and reliable partner. We produce the required tools based on 3D data or drawings from our customers. We can also go even further upstream and help customers with product development.

desire after perfect impulsion

In the years to come, customers will always be able to count on Ossenberg-Engels for outstanding products and services. We never stop looking for ways to improve, and our desire to make our processes better will constantly drive us. Our new facilities point the way to the future, giving us better logistics conditions and space for clever ideas and forward-thinking projects

Ossenberg-Engels GmbH  | Wasserburgstraße 38 | 58809 Neuenrade | Phone: +49 2394 24541-0