We produce a broad spectrum of wire, pipe and stamped bent parts for car manufacturers, suppliers and systems suppliers. These include bent wire parts for seats such as Isofix, as well as exhaust systems, chassis and soft-top roofs with wire diameters of 1 – 24 mm. We also produce complex assemblies featuring combinations of wire, pipe and metal sheet.

The materials we use here range from cold-forming steels and stainless steels to non-ferrous metals in wire, pipe and strip form.

Industry and electronics

We manufacture a wide range of wire, pipe and strip products for several sectors of industry and electronics. These include fastening and connection elements, bent pipe parts for all industrial purposes, bent wire fastening clamps, connection wires and stamped bent parts for conductive and contact plates.


We produce versatile wire, pipe and stamped bent parts for the construction industry. These include products for insulation and protection, bracing and support systems, transport systems and tools for various purposes on the construction site.



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