Range of services

Using highly precise and structured manufacturing processes, we produce bent, embossed and threaded parts to customer specifications from a variety of materials including steel, stainless steel, brass and aluminium.


In our state-of-the-art workshop, we can produce all the necessary gauges and equipment ourselves. For us, this means independence. For you, it means guaranteed flexibility and lightning-fast response times. Thanks to our CAD/CAM connection for toolmaking, we can access customer data at all times, maintain the quality of our tools at a consistently high level and reduce errors to a minimum. We are certified to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 to back up this high quality standard. Our customers can also use our toolmaking service to create tools, machine parts and gauges for their own needs.


Our modern production machinery and transfer systems mean we are capable of creating the following bent parts:

Strip and stamped bent parts

Wire diameters of 1–24 mm

Feed lengths of up to 1,600 mm, more on


CNC bending of 3–10 mm

All cold-forming materials, as well as stainless steel, from simple angled bent wire or strip parts to complex 3D bent parts made from wire, pipe or strip

Thread rolling

Our portfolio of rolled threads ranges from metric threads (fine and rough) to left-handed threads, threads for woodworking and metal sheet threads. We can also produce custom threads on request. We currently manufacture and supply the following threaded parts:

Threaded bent wire parts

U bolts with M3–M20 thread, fixed lengths up

    to 350 mm or custom lengths to order

No thread groove profile

Partial threads from M3–M12 to a maximum

    length of 95 mm or to customer specification


We connect wire parts with stamped parts, mount nuts, washers and seals, and can perform the following assembly processes with our machines in further steps:

Screwed assembly




Drilling and

thread cutting

Bore hole with single or two-sided chamfer

Thread cutting from M3–M10


Whether flat, conical or semicircular, we can create a variety of shapes using the following pressing processes and a maximum pressing force of 7,000 kN:

Flattening and welding projections

Beading on metal sheets


Notches or profiles


We produce the following stamped parts for our customers:

Stamped parts with pressing force of up to

    600 kN using progressive dies

Stamped/bent parts made on modern stamping

    and bending machines

Bent wire parts with flattenings,

    stamped and cut


We can weld or solder your assemblies using the following processes:

Hard soldering

Resistance welding

MIG/MAG/WIG welding, either manual or

    using modern robots



    We can rivet wire parts to stamped parts

    (including plastic-moulded parts)


Various pitches up to peak available, ground, turned, upset


We can create any kind of lettering to your specifications



Alphanumerical markings


We can produce a variety of upset geometries. These include various head and collar shapes such as flat, semicircular, conical or pyriform. We create the following depending on customer specifications and requirements:

Exhaust system brackets with upset head

    and collar

Strikers with upset collar

All other upset geometries

Also available for bent pipe parts


Various knurl shapes, including slanted knurls,

    cross knurls, left/right-handed knurls

Knurls with axis-parallel grooves, raised or

    recessed knurls peaks


Circular, semicircular, spherical

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